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10 dark souls 3 steam discussions Ideas

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S™ III General Discussions :: Steam Community

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Hello everyone and thanks for joining us! It’s been a long road until launch, but we are finally here. We wanted to share some information for everyone to keep in mind on their journey. First off, please note the minimum and recommended system specificati…
Posted by: BandaiNamcoUS Community, 11 Apr, 2016 @ 4:11pm
Last post: MOHAMMED, 10 Dec @ 4:40am







10 Dec @ 4:40am

Dark Souls III Technical Support [UPDATED 4/12/16]

BandaiNamcoUS Community

The online matching in the game is done through the process below:

Players who do not match with the same regulation versions are excluded
Players who cannot connect with the network type (mainly NAT3) are excluded (see *1 for details)

Posted by: Kimundi, 20 May, 2016 @ 7:46am
Last post: Souless Hitzugy, 21 Nov @ 5:39pm




21 Nov @ 5:39pm

Information about the Online Matchmaking


Target platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows

Major modifications and items to be adjusted:

Fixed a problem that allowed invading hosts mid-boss battle by performing specific operations
Change of name and description of magic “Pestilent mercury –> Pestilent Mist“

Temporary server maintenance will be carried out following the application of this update file….

Posted by: Laptop, 25 Aug, 2017 @ 8:33am
Last post: FocusBoxHero, 10 Apr @ 5:45pm





10 Apr @ 5:45pm

Patch 1.16 Update


A new exploit is going around where someone who connects to you can modify your progress by sending you to "New Game +" and altering other elements of your game to ruin your game.

If you have already been affected there is no current way to save your files.

How to prevent :

Backup your save files:

Save files are in "C:\Users\"username"\AppData\Roaming\DarkSoulsIII"
*If you cannot find the folders you may need to enable "Show hidden files, folders and drives" to view the fil…

Posted by: Odra, 20 Jun, 2021 @ 9:12pm



20 Jun, 2021 @ 9:12pm

Reset NG+ exploit that can ruin your progress.


Greetings, Ashen Ones,

On behalf of Bandai Namco Entertainment, we would like to officially inform you that Family Sharing for Dark Souls III has been reactivated. It was deemed necessary to briefly disable this feature while making some adjustments to our multiplayer backend.

If you have any future issues with Family Sharing on this title, please contact our customer support team , they will be more than happy to a…

Posted by: [Izmar] Community Manager, 18 May, 2020 @ 6:30am



18 May, 2020 @ 6:30am

Family Sharing Enabled

[Izmar] Community Manager

Please note that password matching done under the following conditions may result in an extended amount of time required for the match to complete:

Many players are signed in the corresponding area
There is a large gap between the levels of the players who are using the password

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding and support.

Posted by: Kimundi, 15 Apr, 2016 @ 6:28am



15 Apr, 2016 @ 6:28am

Notification Regarding Password Matching


I got this game on sale almost exactly a year ago for 15 dollars and havent seen it on sale since. Why is this game still 60 dollars. Please dont tell me because goobers are BUYING IT for that much….
Posted by: wheatyman, 14 Dec @ 10:42pm
Last post: NisseDood, 3:51am



5 minutes ago

Why is this game still 60 dollars


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Just write password and boss name ill be there next to the fog 🙂
Posted by: yngecchiTTV, 1:06am
Last post: yngecchiTTV, 3:49am



7 minutes ago

Helping with bosses


0. Character name is Sparhawk knight 1 Bit Rusty so bare with me
1, I will help with coop runs, areas and bosses but I wont do a full run and do all the work
2,I can drop a lot of diff items except covenant rewards, spells, miricals etc as none can be dropped and the storm ruler sword.
3, I wont however drop all the rings for the achievement but will drop rings that your missing.
4.I can help by dying to do Mound maker, Rosario and sun bro medals. I do this at the undead settlement bonfire for a quick de…
Posted by: Sparhawk 56, 9 Nov, 2021 @ 9:06pm
Last post: Sparhawk 56, 1:15am



























2 hours ago

(Closed) now Here to help with all aspects of the game

Sparhawk 56


In case you didn’t know.

Posted by: ChainedScythe, 12:21am



3 hours ago



I suck. Anyone willing to help me beat the abyss boss? I dont eve. Know how to bring you into my game. Bless you.
Posted by: Cult_Peppers, 14 Dec @ 7:19am
Last post: David Benioff, 14 Dec @ 9:55pm



6 hours ago

Help kill boss


title. you cant play coop and chill, every ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 5 minutes is one virgin invader lvl 999 trying to block your path.

and also pvp is a joke, it is full of cheap tricks and ♥♥♥♥, like going in a box ring with a knife

Posted by: Mudo, 3 Dec @ 7:01pm
Last post: Seventh Monkey, 14 Dec @ 9:41pm



6 hours ago

multiplayer sucks


Been on my wishlist for sometime and I have YET to see it.
Posted by: RabbitBreeder, 23 Nov @ 3:17pm
Last post: Erudite Scholar, 14 Dec @ 9:39pm



6 hours ago

How often in a year does ths game go on sale?


Hi, i just changed the language of the game and i received the message that i got penalized, how do i fix it, i’m trying to play with a friend of mine and he can’t summon me: i managed to invade someone and even got called once with the darkmoon blade covenant but he can’t see my sign, am i softbanned? if so how can i fix it…
Posted by: oa.xmanchaid, 18 Nov @ 9:29am
Last post: Sparhawk 56, 14 Dec @ 8:38pm



7 hours ago



Has anyone else been having this issue?
I know my internet is fine, from downloading a bunch of large files and just standard internet browsing, but I’ve had an absurd amount of people with literally the worst lag i’ve ever seen in all my time playing ds3 lol…
Posted by: David Benioff, 14 Dec @ 10:50am
Last post: ChainedScythe, 14 Dec @ 6:52pm



9 hours ago

Obscene amounts of lag today?

David Benioff

Per page: 1530 50

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DARK SOULS™ III General Discussions - Steam Community



DARK SOULS™ III – Gameplay or technical issue

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Dark Souls 3, Retail versions, Steam, Cheese…, page 2 – Forum

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Is Dark Souls 3 good on steam?

Overwhelmingly Positive (1,632) – 95% of the 1,632 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive

Is Dark Souls 3 multiplayer still active 2022?

The story goes back to the beginning of 2022, when the discovery of a serious security vulnerability in Dark Souls 3 led publisher Bandai Namco to suspend PvP servers for all Dark Souls games on PC

Is Dark Souls 3 as hard as Elden ring?

Elden Ring is potentially easier than Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, but it isn’t a surefire thing anymore. What remains is the various other Soulslikes, most of which are designed to be more forgiving

Is Dark Souls 3 one of the hardest game ever?

Dark Souls 3 might be the hardest Souls game ever made. Even after literally hundreds of hours spent playing Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, and Bloodborne, the latest installment of From Software’s infamously challenging series is about as tough as these games get. And I love it

Is Steam losing popularity?

Steam had approximately 132 million monthly active players in 2021, a significant increase from 95 million monthly active users in 2019. However, it seems that all is not rosy with the gaming platform as its user retention rate has steadily fallen in recent years.

Are NSFW games allowed on Steam?

Among the latest tweaks is the inclusion of an Adult-only NSFW games curator section designed to house mature titles that are not intended for younger audiences.

Did they fix Dark Souls 3 servers?

Although the publisher described the situation as “temporary”, it took over seven months for a fix to be deployed, with Dark Souls 3’s servers finally coming back online at the end of August? and going down again earlier this week.

Is Dark Souls 3 hard for new players?

FromSoftware’s Dark Souls 3 is a fantastic but difficult game, one that can overwhelm newcomers to the series.

Which Dark Souls is the hardest?

Dark Souls 2 has the hardest level design and challenges out of its trilogy.

Which Dark Souls is the easiest?

In many ways, Dark Souls 3 is the easiest Dark Souls game because FromSoft had ironed out many of the little problems from previous entries. Combat in that game is far more polished and faster than it was in Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2.

What is the number 1 game ever?

1. Tetris ? 520 million. Arguably the most timeless video game ever created, Tetris sits comfortably atop the list of all-time bestsellers with 520 million copies sold, according to The Tetris Company.

What is the longest video game?

The longest title for a video game in English is ‘Cthulhu Saves the World: Super Hyper Enhanced Championship Edition Alpha Diamond DX Plus Alpha FES HD ? Premium Enhanced Game of the Year Collector’s Edition (without Avatars!)’ , which contains 52 syllables and 176 characters including spaces.

What is the shortest Souls game?

Dark Souls 3 features the shortest average playtime out of all the games in the series.

Why is Elden Ring not a Souls game?

From Software have said that Elden Ring is a spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne. This means it fits the classification of a ‘SoulsBorne’ game, but Elden Ring is a new IP within the subgenre.

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